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4 digital trends of 2019 that will impact the digital marketing

1. Personalized Content

Almost 60% of the B2B buyers depend on content to make their buying decisions. While 47% want to review atleast three pieces of content before they make a purchase.

Clearly, content has becoming the heart and brain of all marketing campaigns. Here are a few stats and facts:

  • 94% believe that personalization is critical.
  • Personalized content works 42% better
  • Personalized content on web works faster than a great design

2. SEO Married to Content

SEO and content works like bread and jam. According to a recent study by BrightEdge, 97% of the market believes that SEO and Content has become more integrates into a single function than ever. Here is what it gives you; engagement, traffic and conversions.

3. Video Marketing: The more the less

According to the digital marketing experts, the impact of video is equivalent 1.8 million words. Not so much with the “”a picture with a thousand words”? As released by an update of Cisco networking, video marketing will deepen its dominance. In the year 2019, video will dominate the traffic.

4. Social Media to Fully take over

This doesn’t come as a surprise. B2B marketing leaders claim that companies will shift their budgets to social media. Reason? Customers want the brand to be more interactive and intuitive

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