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Why do you need Design more than ever?

What started as craft years ago has now gone far beyond- touching the peaks of new ways to interact with the world. Design today is no more a skill or technology, it is an experience. Design has become a problem discovery, a way of thinking and an experience of the workforce.

For marketers today, it is important to know that with social media in the game, you are not the only one producing content. Not only marketers, but their consumers as well are producing an increasing number of content rapidly with more than one blog per 0.5 seconds and a 100 million pictures uploaded every hour.

Why does a “Beautiful design” matter?

Because they yield results. Simple

What is a beautiful design?

A visual representation of both function and form.

How do you achieve it?

Focus on two aspects of human needs. Give them something they can gain pleasure from, or avoid pain/problem with.

If you as a marketer want to stick around in the market, Let your design solve problems.

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