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The Trouble of Designing Your Own Brand

We have all worked for clients, designed a range of their products. But when it comes to your own brand, it is gets trickier than expected. First of all, you are all emotional and overwhelmed. You imagine it to be at places where it is not, and suddenly the same design that you have been doing for ages becomes difficult.

But we can all make it better by going strategic and simple. When designing a brand, there is always a checklist of things that need to be done; logo, website, stationary etc. Breaking the process down into manageable chunks will allow you to balance creative and administrative jobs, which leads to making real progress.

1. Do the research

But why? It is my own brand. What is more to know than I already know? Well, always remember that anything that does not already exist is existing in a vacuum. Learn to apply the same rules. Your brand also exists in a competitive landscape and will face exactly the same challenges as any other brand.

2. The Market

Well done on the research. Now you have dissected the competition, its time to find your audience to build the design. Make this in the back of your brain.

But what is so tricky about it? How do you know your brand fits where you think it does?

Think about what are you offering to your brand. And then think about those who need it, and those who may be inspired to develop the “need”

The same process will also give you your USP. (Unique standing point)

3. Be different

Remember, when competition against the established brand, the goal is to look into their works and NOT COPY. Do what they have not done so far. Repeating is not what would help you stand out.

4. Visuals that last

Now when it comes down to design, it is essential to develop a visual language that you can take forward for years. Your design must be simple and strategic enough to talk about all that you say your brand does.

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